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Dog breeds that have shortened noses, such as: English and French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Shih Tzus, etc have unique challenges associated with anesthesia and surgery. Not all Veterinary clinics feel comfortable anesthetizing these breeds.

At Budget Vet, we see a large number of these types of dogs and are very comfortable performing anesthesia and surgery safely and effectively.

We also offer a full range of reproductive services for these type of dogs, including: in-house same day progesterone testing, surgical and artificial insemination, c-sections and breeding soundness exams. We perform close to 200 c-sections a year and most of these are in the bulldog breeds.

We also perform upper airway surgery in Bulldog breeds. This includes soft palate resection and stenotic nares resection.

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We offer all the same routine care and reproductive care for bulldogs as for other canine breeds. Select an option below to view our services and the associated pricing.

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Bulldog Airway Disease

Upper airway disease in English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and other short nosed breeds(Pugs, Boston Terriers, Exotic American Bullies) is fairly common. Some of these issues can occasionally be seen in other breeds as well. Persian cats sometimes also have these issues.

Upper Airway disease is usually a 2 component problem, although sometimes only one or the other issue is present. The two major components are elongated soft palate and stenotic nares. Secondary complications can include everted laryngeal saccules and everted tonsils. If upper airway disease is addressed early in a pet’s life then the secondary issues rarely occur. Both of these components restrict airflow and make it difficult for the pet to breathe. A dog’s main cooling mechanism is through air exchange through the mouth and nose. If airflow is restricted, then the cooling mechanism is also hampered. Here in Georgia, this can easily lead to heat stroke. Severely affected animals can even experience heat stroke in air conditioning if they get too excited.

Surgical alteration of both the nose and soft palate can be easily done. Although the surgery is simple, it must be precise to be effective without complications. Dr Lassiter is very comfortable performing both of these procedures. We do not recommend the surgery in puppies because they are still growing. An ideal time for this surgery would be between 1 and two years of age.

Save $100 With Our Bulldog Package

Doing both procedures together is called a Bulldog Package and costs $1,500. The soft palate resection by itself is $1200 and stenotic nares by itself are $400.