Exotic Services


Exotic Health Exam: $70

Health Certificates: $68.25 (Domestic Only)

Exotic Surgery

Sugar Gliders

  • Neuter: $125


  • Neuter: $130
  • Spay: $180


  • Goat Vaccine – CD + T: $15.75
  • Goat Vaccine – Rabies: $42
  • Castration with Anesthesia: $275, if less than 50lbs.
  • Goat Castration with no anesthesia & NO older than 3 days old:$90.56

Pot Belly Pigs

  • Neuter < 25 lbs: $175
  • Neuter 25-50 lbs: $200
  • Neuter > 50lbs: $250
  • Spay < 25 lbs: $225
  • Spay 25-50 lbs: $400
  • Spay >50 lbs: $500


We do recommend vaccinations for pigs and goats. Rabies is always a good idea for animals housed outside. The rabies vaccination is ‘off label’ for both these animals, but still recommended. This means the vaccine was not designed for or tested in these animals. The efficacy is not guaranteed, but it is certain to be more efficacious than nothing at all. Pot Bellied pigs and goats are both given tetanus shots as well at the time of surgery. We offer C/D& T clostridial vaccinations in goats and Erysipelas in Pot Bellied Pigs.

What is included in a sugar glider neuter price?

Procedure and e-collar. We require the e-collar to be put on before the Glider wakes up. This is very important to prevent them from traumatizing themselves.

What exotic animals need e-collars?

We recommend e-collars for rabbits and sugar gliders because they are predisposed to chewing at their surgical sites. Pot Bellied pigs DO NOT require e-collars.

Do we offer sugar glider spays?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.

Do you offer services on birds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any services for birds.

Do you offer services on reptiles?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any services for reptiles.

Do we offer other exotic surgeries?

Yes, other exotic surgeries MAY be provided upon request, but must be scheduled in advance and doctor must agree to that particular surgery.

When is the earliest my pig can get fixed?

2 pounds minimum, 8 weeks and older for male neuters & 4 months or older for pig spay’s.

When is the earliest my rabbit can get fixed?

For the safety of your rabbit, we would like for your rabbit to be at least 2.5lbs, 8 weeks and older for male neuters & 4 months or older for spays.

Additional Surgical Charges

Pregancy surcharge: $20-50
Price determined by term of pregnancy and size of animal

Cryptorchid charge: $20-50
Depends on location of testicle and size of animal. Cryptorchid is when a testicle has not dropped

Obesity charge: $10-25
Depends on degree of obesity

Pyometra charge: $20-75
Pyometra is infection in the uterus. It is a deadly condition and spaying the animal is curative.

Hydrometra charge: $15-30
Hydrometra is accumulation of fluid in the uterus. It frequently leads to Pyometra.

Other services, diagnostic testing and surgical, are available upon request but require prior notice.

To ask for additional services, such as preanesthetic labwork, or special surgery, please email us at info@mybudgetvet.com