Budget Vet is now offering online prescriptions through Vetsource. We control the pricing and have set the prices as low as possible to be sure your pets can get the medication they need. This pharmacy also gives us the flexibility to offer many products we could not afford to stock and offers you the convenience of being able to order from home.

To use the pharmacy for prescription medication, you must be a client of Budget Vet and your pet must have been seen by our veterinarian. This is mandated by law and we cannot compromise this rule. If you require over the counter products, you may order at any time.

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About Prescription Medication

If you are ordering prescription medication, we will have to approve the prescription before it can be sent. Please check with us before ordering prescription medication (unless it is an authorized refill) to be sure we are aware that there is a pending prescription.

Our online pharmacy offers thousands of products. If you cannot find a particular product, please email us to see if there are equivalents available or suitable substitutions.