Pre-Pay for Services

Our website is set up to provide you with an easy way to make deposits for surgery or prepay for services after making a reservation. If you are uncertain about what services you need before making your reservation or prepaying, please contact us at 770-679-1730 or email us at

Please make reservations a minimum of 48 hours before the surgery date. Reservations made after 3pm the day before surgery will be treated as walk ins and must wait until all earlier reservations were made. These suggestions are made to save you time and frustration. Failure to take these suggestions may result in you being turned away on surgery day.

Also, any special instructions about your pet or surgery should be entered when you make your reservation. Please complete the appointment request form as accurately as possible to speed up the check in process. This will allow us to enter you into our system before you arrive, thus speeding things up. You will still have to fill out paperwork then, unless you request a copy of paperwork be sent to you ahead of time. If you would like for us to send you paperwork to be filled out in advance, please send that request to and we will get that out ASAP.

Please select your pet’s species below in order to view the services available for pre-pay:

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