Equine Services

Core Vaccinations

Health Exam: $70

Pinnacle(strangles): $48.15
Call first, we only do this by special request

EWFRT+WNV: $154.49

Rabies Equine: $42.80

Please note that if you are showing a lot, you should have the EWFRT + WNV every 6 months and a Flu/Rhino shot in between every 3 months. If your horses are just in the pasture and don’t go a lot of places, then one vaccination a year should be sufficient. Coggins should be done every year in the state of Georgia. If you are going to another state, you should check with their requirements before travel!!

We do geld horses, but you must set up an appointment to have this done. We only do this in the colder months to minimize bleeding and swelling.

Diagnostic Testing

Equine Digital Coggins: $47.25

Other services, diagnostic testing and surgical, are available upon request but require prior notice.

To ask for additional services, such as pre-anesthetic labwork, or special surgery, please email us at info@mybudgetvet.com