We have an in-house laboratory that allows us to provide most diagnostic testing with same day results. Our in-house laboratory testing includes:

  • blood screening & work-ups
  • same day results for preanesthetic panels
  • senior bloodwork panels
  • sick animals(dogs and cats)
  • full urinalysis
  • cytology services
  • fecal analysis

When more advanced tests are needed, we send them out to the University of Georgia or Antech. We can also send out bloodwork for equine patients.

Pricing for Dog & Cat Bloodwork Panels

  • Preanesthetic screening: $90
  • Full comprehensive workup: $225 (includes CBC, Chemistry, electrolytes, and urinalysis)
  • Extended comprehensive workup: $300 (includes CBC, Extended chemistry, electrolytes, urinalysis, heartworm test, Feline Combo test, and fecal)

When your pet is sick, the extended comprehensive workup is the panel we perform to accurately diagnose.